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Dan Speers

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  Boxes Lie Waiting


Dan's new mystery novel, "Boxes Lie Waiting" selected by, Publishers Weeklyand Penquin Groups U.S.A. in the Amazon Breakthrought Novelcontest is coming soon!



Although written as fiction, in a bizarre and uncanny twist on reality, events in Dan's novel have actually been happening!

Dan writes a book . . .


   It starts with the discovery of a body at Winnekenni Castle. . .


  Haverhill is a historic Massachusetts community dating back to the 1600s--a town where the oldtimers have long pedigrees and even longer memories, where newcomers are infusing the charm of a bedroom community north of Boston with a cosmopolitan flair, and a killer is scaring the hell out of everybody



     Keith Cadell is recovering from a head injury at work, taking some time to recuperate. While hiking through the winter woods surrounding Winnekenni Castle in Haverhill, he stumbles across the body of a young girl.


  Keith soon finds himself on the list of suspects, eyed suspiciously by friends and neighbors in a case complicated by a contaminated crime scene, rumor, and innuendo. But Keith has a much bigger problem. Fighting to clear his name and reputation, but because of his trumatic brain injury, even he cannot remember what really happened.


  He's beginning to suspect he really doesn't want to know.


   Boxes unfolds as a mystery within a mystery, asking: What is reality? And this is where the line between fiction and reality becomes blurred.


There are two ways to be buried alive. One is the ground. The other is inside a body in a coma.  In both cases, no one can hear you scream.


Dan writes a book . . .


  A man is diagnosed as comatose following an accident. His body is paralyzed, but his mind is active and alert. Gradually, he sees that he has been BURIED ALIVE!


  Boxes explores the complicated intellectual and emotional world of those who are victims of Traumatic Brain Injury, delving into the complexities of perception versus reality in a journey that encompasses conditions ranging from comatose to confabulation.


  In the novel, a man is recovering from an injury to his brain. His mind is alert and he knows everything that happens around him, but only gradually does he begin to realize that his mind is inside a body tht lies paralyzed in a nursing home.


  In May, named Dan's novel, Boxes Lie Waiting as a quarterfinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Publishing Sponsor: Penguin Group USA Reviewing Sponsor: Publisher's Weekly.





Can't wait to get started? You can read the

beginning of Boxes Lie Waiting here . . .



If you prefer to read a formatted hard copy, there is a free down-loadable copy of the beginning of the novel on


Download the excerpt for free.


Then, incredibly . . .   


    There really was a body discovered at WinneKenni Castle. . . 


On the very day the local newspaper, The Haverhill Gazette, ran a story about Dan being named an breakthrough quarterfinalist for his novel that opens with the discovery of a body in Winnekenni Park, the unbelievable actually happened.


The police discovered a body in Winnekenni Park.


In Dan's own words, here's what happened next:


I got a call from a friend in law enforcement.


"What do you know about bodies in Winnekenni Park?" he asked.


"I have an alibi," I said.


"I didn't tell you when it happened," he said suspiciously.


"It doesn't matter," I replied. "I have an alibi for everything. I don't even take a shower by myself."




Then, incredibly . . .


  It happens - a man lies trapped in a body diagnosed as comatose. For 23 years, his mind is awake and mentally alert, but his body lies paralyzed in a nursing home.


In a bizarre twist, a story and a mental condition written by Dan  as fiction actually comes true. A Belgian man awakened after lying in a hospital bed for more than two decades reveals that he was alert and mentally aware the whole time.


Imagine being alive and metally alert in a body everyone believes is comatose--it was as if he was BURIED ALIVE for 23 long, frightening years.


Read all about it here.



If you thought your neighbor was a murderer, what would you do?


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