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 Meghan's @Mouth  


“--chill people, I don't give a ----- about @michellemalkin” Meghan McCain tweeted her followers after Malkin told an interviewer this week that Meghan should “shut up.” In her blog, Meghan lumped Malkin, Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham into a cliquish trifecta threatened by her comments:


Malkin says Meghan should shut up

Meghan twits back lickey cut     

Taunts Malkin, Coulter and Ingraham

One clique short @GivingaDamn



 Meghan's McDrain  


NEWS ITEM- In an interview with OUT Magazine, Meghan McCain called Joe the Plumber a "Dumbass." Nice way with words:


     Meghan McCain has made it plain

          Joe the Plumber's a Dumbass

     Who should stick to plumbing, but then

          He can't. That requires a license.



 Lizzie's Lot


Interview: Liz Cheney defends dad and plans to run for office:


Did Daddy Do What Daddy Did?


NEWS ITEM-The daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney this week called reports her father hid information about so-called CIA hit squads from Congress "apalling" cover for Nancy Pelosi.


   She added that she did not remember her father ever discussing the matter with her at the time, but that she does seem to recall his concern about protecting American from terrorists.


   Ms. Cheney, a former State Department appointee who worked on the failed political campaigns of Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney, said that she is considering running for political office herself.


Freed from Fred and shuck of Mitt,

    Liz Cheney is now a critic

Of those who attack dear old dad.

    Defending the ethics he never had,

Hid secrets from Congress he did

    She doesn't recall what he said,

So Liz labels these cries as lies,

    As on her dim wit she relies.