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Dan Speers

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  Donald Trumpet's Slumpit 


   Leave it to the mouth of New York to extend April Fools Day throughout May and even into June started with his espousal of birther and other nonsense and his pretend-he-was-gonna-run silliness. That was entertaining enough but with Barack Obama's surprise release of his long form birth certificate, the President not only played his trump card, he trumped the Trumpet. Then came the correspondent's dinner and Obama's ego-piercing wit, followed by Seth Meyers' spot-on satire. Donald Trumpet was not amused. Especially when the following night, in the climax of Trumpet's signature show (aren't they all?),  NBC abruptly cut into The Apprentice to present Obama's latest triumpth--the killing of Osama bin Laden.  The timing was probably incidental--but the irony? Exquisite.


   And, of course, it opened the floodgates of political satire, both here and on Tweeter. Here's what I wrote.


 Donald Trumpet shaking his brand,

 Guess what's up with his other hand.


Obama cuts the Trumpet low

Trumps Donald's dinner AND his show.


Donald Trumpet's self-promotion

Rides a train of loco motion.


More money than sense is a cliche;

For Donald Trumpet, it's a cache.


Donald Trumpet's latest canting 

Sounds more like a racist ranting.


Birth records released, Trumpet burns

Now where's the Donald's tax returns?


Trumpet said his tax returns he'd release

When Barack's birth certificate he sees.


Donald Trumpet's too dumb to know

Obama's birth coup laid Trump low.


Donald Trumpet, willy-nilly

Makes RepubliCants look silly.


Donald Trumpet will not back down

Loves playing the orange-head clown.


Donald Trumpet saying dumb things

Earns him the late-night comic zings.


Seth Meyers rocked the dinner folk;

He thought Trumpet's campaign a joke.


Given the Trumpets lack of acumen,

Are we sure he's a registered human?


Birther Donald Trumpet conspired

And Obama said, "Trump. You're fired.


Donald Trumpet's long been inane;

Who knew he was also profane.


Donald Trumpet's crude vanity

Now trumped by his profanity.


Donald Trumpet can outshout us,

Proves he knows least who knows loudest.


We're all born with ignorance in our grasp.

News just in: Donald Trump's had a relapse.


Donald Trumpet says he sells what he knows,

It's what he doesn't know that really shows. 


That Trump knows nothing is tacit

In that he keeps repeating it.


A Trumpet wild-eyed rumor now travelling:

Is that his hair or his head unavelling?


Donald Trumpet's ratings sinking,

As his audience starts thinking.