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Dan Speers

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Interviewing Coleman, Fox & Friends Misinforms on Coleman-Franken Race

Summary: During an interview with Norm Coleman, Fox & Friends co-hosts Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade advanced a slew of misinformation about the Minnesota Senate race.


--Friday, April 3, 2009. From Media Matters,








It once was the norm in Minnesota

To rally to the votes of the voter.

But when for Al Franken

That voters were hankerin'

'Twas Norm, sure as heck, questioning the quota.


Huffs Billy O’ of "Loofa" shower fame;

Boycott the Gophers his latest claim.

Yauh, sure. Minnesota’s

Norm and Bill are Dodo’s;

Crazy or sane, they're extinct just the same.


Now if to the Land of Lakes that you go

Say, pop, not soda, and forget Fargo.

Here, a Babe is an ox,

It’s salmon, never lox,

And Norm is still diddlin' the court, donchano.



--Dan Speers




Forever Linked


Down with Al, Bill O'Reilly swore,

It's Minnesota's due.

If they choose Franken senator,

I'll boycott them, too.

Bill made the claim: I'll give up beer,

If Coleman Franken trounces,

Their twins, and cheese, which I hold dear,

I'll nix, Bill pronounces.

I won't be crass, Al plays an ass,

A comic don't you see

Coleman has stature, Franken's low class

And is Stuart Smiley.

Waxing sarcastic is a game

Where gotcha can get got

When the gambit of linking names

Can bite you in the butt.

Bill played the game of irony

Not bright enough to see,

That when we hear Bill O'Reilly,

We'll see Stuart Smiley.


--Dan Speers


Franken Wins. Norm Fades. Bill-O Loses.


ST. PAUL, Minn. — When the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Democrat Al Franken winner of the state's long-running Senate race, Republican Norm Coleman conceded the race, giving the Democrats a big enough majority to overcome Republican filibusters.

 Back on April 1, Bill-O's talking point in which he actually described Franken as "the despicable smear merchant who I have cleverly referred to for years as Stuart Smiley," was that if Franken were declared the winner, O'Reilly would boycott both the state of Minnesota and all its products.


With that one statement O'Reilly made it impossible to think about O'Reilly without authomaticallly thinking about Franken. Not sure that's the legacy Bill-O wants but here is my take on this April Fool's Day fool:



Everytime we hear the name

Of Bill-O, Bill O'Reilly,

We will forever link his name

To Franken's Stuart Smiley.