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 I'm Gonna Be a God Someday

Hey! Hey!'


I'm gonna be a God someday,
I'm gonna be Almighty
I'm gonna be your holy link
To all what I'm sayin'



News and views goin' be what I say,
You won't need nobody
I'm gonna tell you what to think
You don't need a brain.




I can cry-i-i-i-i
I can cry-ha-ha-hard"
You be wonderin' why
I cry like I do
'Cause I be foolin' you.




I'm gonna be a God someday,
I'm gonna be Almighty
I'm gonna have a universe
Where you will be prayin'


Hey! Hey!


Fox News' Glenn Beck's right-wing rants go way too far, critics charge

Saturday, September 12th 2009, 6:46 PM

Axelrod/Fox/FOX NEWS
Glenn Beck's radio show is now No. 3 in America, with a following both younger and more female than the top two, conservatives Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.
  Glenn Beck, the hottest right-wing voice on the air, worried aloud to his listeners the other day that powerful, sinister forces trying to destroy America might soon "shoot me in the head." But there's fear among his critics, including calmer conservatives, that the victim more likely will be one of Beck's many broadcast targets.

  After a summer of mob anger at town hall meetings on health care - some of which featured gun-toting protesters - and a burst of Beck-fanned hysteria over President Obama's back-to-school speech last week, the former top 40 deejay has emerged as a goofy dark prince of the right.


  His gift for spinning apocalyptic visions of the future is matched only by his melodramatic skill to gin up his listeners. "'The world is going to hell in a handbasket' - I think that pretty much summarizes Glenn Beck," said Charles Dunn, a Regent University professor and author of "The Future of Conservatism."


  "But I also think he's become the head cheerleader of getting people to respond - the tea parties, the health care town halls." 


   "Glenn is great at what he does," added Michael Smerconish, a conservative whose show runs in New York on WOR, the same station as Beck's show. "But I just wonder - at what cost?


  "I mean, disagree with the President - absolutely," added Smerconish. "But be leery of using some of the words that have now entered this debate."


  A sampler:

  • Beck, 45, has called Obama a "racist" who "has a deep-seated hatred for white people" - comments that have sparked an advertising boycott of his Fox News Channel show.
  • He declares the nation is headed toward a "fascist state" and that the White House is infested with "radical, revolutionary and in some cases Marxist" advisers.
  • He claims Obama's entire agenda - including health care - is designed to "settle old racial scores" and that Americans must rise up to take back their nation. "The time for silent dissent has long passed," Beck warned last week in a typical call to arms.

  It's an us-versus-them view of the world, with Americans' freedom and very lives in imminent peril; a foreboding, racially polarized vision of America under siege by a conspiracy of liberals, "anti-capitalists" and other players in an Obama "thugocracy" who must be stopped at all costs.


  Ron Kessler, author of "In The President's Secret Service," notes that although it is impossible to single out Beck as a cause, threats against Obama are up 400% compared with those against President George W. Bush.


  "A lot of those threats are racially based," Kessler said. "So there is a real basis for concern."

  Read more:

Bye, bye Beck; you won't be missed 

      Glen Beck's crazy lost its FOX chance;

      Lost revenue, ratings, and relevance.


      FOX says adieu to the train wreck,

      That it made when it aired Glen Beck.



Glen Beck's Dreck



  • Science Discovers 32 New Planets.


    Feds Relaxs Policy on Marijauna.

    Glen Beck Plans To Become a God *


  Glen Beck becomes God, a new planet's prince.

  Lots of grass and at last, the dense makes sense. 


* NEWS ITEM--Glen Beck's Christmas story pulled because some believe

his Mormon religion is really a cult since it promotes a belief in not just one

but many Gods and that any of its male believers can become a God on

their own. I wondered if each God required Its own atheist.

Glen Beck, tearful Multi-Theist

Everywhere sees Atheists.

 The weird tear thing:

Glen Beck affects a clownish tear.

He's not just odd, he's really queer.

   Glen Beck is lying again. He falsely claimed White House  Communications Director Anita Dunn worships Mao Zedong. Turns out his rightwinky friends are the ones who follow the Commie leader's political depravities--friends like Cato's Edward Crane, GOP Christofreak Ralph Reed, and even Sen. John McCain who likes to quote Chairman Mao: "It always darkest before it's totally black."

Glen Beck's best friends do like Zedong,

McCain and Crane take Reed along.


On Teabaggers

Teabagging crowds that FAUX portrayed,

As plain folks worried and afraid,

Had paranoia betrayed

By words their shirts and signs displayed.

Much of the paranoia I have seen actually starts with Glen Beck and other distortionists on the FAUX News Channel. Yet the appeal of these demagogues would be severely limited if there were not a host of poorly informed, political neophytes who are ready and willing to stoke the fires of bigotry.

People at FAUX's Beck and cull,

Can't be sharp if actively dull.

Lines Beck Would Never Understand:


     Beck's brain tells him to go be gauche.

     That's the brain of a gobemouche.


      Glen Beck post op is in a snit,

      The humor in his butt was snipped

      But the hole in his head won't knit.


Jon Stewart's Take on Taking Back Beck



Ad sales down, Glen Beck in arrears;

This explains where his face appears.


You've heard him cry, how he exhorts,

It comes from where he pulls reports.

His magic underwear distorts

Every word Glen Beck reports.

          Glen Beck, the Grinch, says we must kill

             Medicare. --Bye, bye, dealth panel.


FAUX News host and future Mormon God Glen Beck on his radio program

this week called Medicare a "government-run health care plan"  and

demanded that it be abolished.                  090912


Glen Beck Fights Back!

Launches Verbal Attack




Glen Beck lacks even the acuity

To create credible stupidity.


Glen Beck Responds to Dan's Poetic Critiques:


EDITOR'S NOTE: This is Glen Beck 's official apocryphal response to's poetic epigrams poking goodnatured fun at Glen Beck's political positions and some of the strange things he believes, like, for example, American Indians are remnants of the Lost Tribes of Israel. Or that Jesus came to America after the crucifixion. He thinks there are multiple Gods ruling millions of universes, in the baptism of dead Jews, and that any man with a working apparatus and a compliant wife-servant can become a God. Given that Beck believes all of these weird things, why would anybody in his right mind give him any credibility? At any rate, any idiot is free to say anything he wants, and Beck has the same freedom as any other idiot. At any rate and without further Tullamore Dew is Glenn Beck's unedited response:




  I have read the epigrams written by Dan Speers that have been posted on his web site, He is a biased poet. He is also one of the idiots of which I speak or spoke, or wrote, in my book, which I really plan to read pretty soon since people keep asking me about it.


  Anyway, while he takes the usual liberal liberties with the actual facts, I recognize that he is a typical Commie, pinko, lying, bedwetting liberal, so it is my duty to correct the facts as we know they ought to be.


Think about this:


  I am a man. Does this mean I hate women?

  I am Caucasian. Does this mean I hate Eskimoes?

  I eat Eskimo Pies. Does this mean I hate Peking Duck?

  I had Peking Duck once in San Francisco. Does this mean I hate gay guys with blue eyes and moist lips and blonde tossled hair and who wear tight white pants and God, he was so hot and the Mai Tais were so sweet and there was this beautiful bulge that . . .?


  I have a religion. Most Americans have a religion. We live in America. The last time I checked, the Constitution of the United State of America guarantees those of us who have a religion in America the freedom to believe in that religion and the freedom to practice that religion because we are guaranteed the freedom of religion and the freedom to practice that religion regardless of our creed, color, blue eyes and blonde tossled hair and the pursuit of freedom, religion or our religious briefs, weird or not.


  We know that in America we do not question each other's religions unless the other religion is muslim or hiphop or Lutheran or Rotarian because questioning religion is not only unConstitutional, it's unAmerican. Once these atheists get in your schools, you'll soon have your sons and daughters reading Catcher in the Rye and Mein Kampt and quoting Mao Zedong and the last thing you want is your son and daughters thinking about is Zedong, which is the last time I checked part of the homosexual agenda.


  You think your daughters will be looking at pictures of Levi Johnston in PlayGirl? Well, yes, they will, but so will your sons. It's all part of the plot to corrupt your children, using Saint Palin to tempt your children the way Bristol was tempted by that divining rod between Levi's legs and what I think is that boy just got her daughter drunk while Sarah was away potting a wolf or two from low flying plane, which is all part of the liberal lifestyle agenda to draw them into their web of sex and free love and sweat and smells and God, were those white pants tight or what? I mean, Joseph Smith and Hot Moroni Baloney, you can't get an egg hard unless the water's boiling, I mean bubbling right up through the crack and sweating it out big time.


 Since we know all liberals are going to hell, we are honor bound to get back as many as we can, even if we have to baptise them after they're dead, just like we baptise all those dead Jews, so we don't care if you're Jewish or not because when you die, we're going to make you Christians and the yoke's on you, so to speak. Oh, and if they didn't marry the right Christian, no worries. We'll just have a mock wedding with party after and have sex with my best friend's sister.


  So about this Dan Speers person. For one thing, his first name starts with D, and that is just one letter past C, which is the initial for Communism and that stands for Commie, don't you see how even the word 'see' rhymes with C, and that's just for starters. Here's the kicker. C also rhymes with something else. Now what could that be. B? And not only B, but D. Yes, I know. You're as shocked as I am, but you think that's it? That's all? No. There's more. Speers. Sa-Peeeerrrrs. Let it roll off your tongue. S-p-e-e-r-s. Speers starts with an S and you know what else starts with an S? Soup. That's what. Think about it. Soup. Soup kitchens. Socialist soup kitchens. And yes, Sex. Sex starts with an S. Sex. Think about it. Sex fiend. Socialism. What does that remind me of? Let me think. Oh, yesss. Socialistic sex in socialist soup kitchens where they have socialist sex with God knows what socialist sex sous chefs, male or female, female or male wih blue eyes, moist lips and blonde tossled hair with with tight white sous chef pants and round bubble b---, oh sweet, Moroni macaroni Musilini and cheese, sweet chesus, hold the phone, God, I'm coming, I'm coming home.


 Back after this.