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  Wisconsin Walker's  Hypocrazy 


The fight goes on in Wisconsin.


Wisconsin's Koch-head governor, Scott Walker, tried to pull a fast one the people of his state by doling out a state surplus to his fatcat corporate buddies, hiring a bunch of his cronies to lucrative state jobs, declaring a phony state fiscal crisis, and stripping public workers of their union rights, but a funny thing happened on his stealth journey to slyly sell vabluable state energy assets to his polititical backerers and Koch buddies on a no-bid contract.


A group of courageous Democratic state senators took to Illinois to deny Scott and his complicit RepubliCants the quorum they needed to pass a union-busting bill, giving the residents of the state time to see what Wiley Walker was really up to--and between marches on Madison, Walker getting caught soliciting political funds and favors inside the governor's office at the state capitol during regular government business hours, exposure of the governor's no-bid skullduggery, plans to ravish hard-won union rights, and accelerating campaigns to recall RepubliCant senators, the people of Wisconsin have awakened and rallied to the support of union rights.


I have battled for union rights my whole life. And while some unions have tried my patience and some of their leaders have no doublt deserved trials on their own, I have never wavered in my belief that men and women not only have the right to band together in unions of common interest, but the obligation to join together in mutual support and interests to acchieve the justice and equality either denied or inaccessible to individuals on thier own. And in a country based on the ultimate union, the confederation of 50 states united under one flag, it is both righteous and fitting that workers should be free to form their own conferations, their own unions.


And in Madison, Wisconsin, Walker is leading an attack on union rights. It is RepubliCant tyranny. There are many ways to fight tyranny and during the past few weeks, I have been writing epigrams that ridicule Walker's perfidy. It will, of course, take serious efforts by serious people to recall the guilty and replace the immature and irresponsible Scott Walker, but in the meantime, we can use the satirical, poetic sword of truth to puncture his hypocrisy.


Scott Walker claims his hill to climb

The bill he pulled from his behind.


Scott Walker's dopey direction

Comes from his Koch-head connection.


Hey, Scott Walker, who did you hire?

What high-paid cronies should you fire?


Scott Walker's lies opened our eyes,

Now union busting is no surprise.


Scott Walker's stance is indefensible;

Justice for all is indivisible.


He cast his lot, with cheese head plot;

We'll boycott, Sir Walker,  Scott.


Scott Walker ran a fiscal race,

But now his lies are his disgrace. 


Scott Walker plays a rightwing game,

That makes Cheese Head a household name. 


Clean out, clean up, says Scott Walker,

A Koch-head trash and cash talker.


Did you hear the news story?

Scott Walker's Koch's manna boy. 


Scott Walker's college years suspect,

Low grades or cheating at Marquette? 


The least of Democracy's demands:

That freedom to form unions stands. 


All Wisconsin has concluded

That Scott Walker is deluded.


Scott Walker made this budget mess,

Blew the surplus and lied distress. 


Scott Walker cooked the books and got

His pants on fire, and unions hot. 



Wisconsin's Scott creates crisis,

Showed what a GOP lie is.


Scott Walker's lies opens our eyes,

Workers are free to organize.


Scott Walker's prone to exageration,

Pulls his facts from his imagination.


Scott Walker leads RepublCants

In a public-defying dance.


Scott Walker's lies are disgusting,

When he denies union busting.


In polls, Scott Walker is bereft

He thinks he right, but voters left. 


He lied, called unions expensive,

Soon, it's Scott Walker who's pensive. 


Scott  Walker decries history,

His college years a mystery.


The Wisconsin polls, FOX News twists,

To suit their fans and fanatics. 


BurmaShavePoems. For words I crave / My youth I gave / My life I gave / To Burma Shave:


            Scott cast his lot 

                          Tried union blot

                                      But he got caught

                                                  With Koch-head plot

                                                               His cred now shot

                                                                             Let's boycott

                                                                                            Sir Walker, Scott