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Dan Speers

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"[O]ne of the functions of poetry is, to tell the truth, to exercise parrhesia, to engage in frank and plain speech about a very delicate and difficult situation [i.e. the war in Iraq]."
                           --Cornel West, Analysis: War Poems, The Tavis Smiley Show [NPR], 02-26-2003.
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What really happened during the last 100 days of the Bush administration?
And how did America's intelligence network bungle the secret plan to invade Iran and throw the election to the Republicans?
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History written is a chronicle. History viewed through the prism of poetry captures the essense of lives lived and events experienced, reflecting the sensibilities and foibles of the times, whether pictuesque or epic or mundane, whether vain or glorius or merely foolish, satisfying or shocking, imaginative or pedestrian. Poetry wrings the truth from metaphor, touching both the mind and heart. Poetry is the voice of our conscience.
                   --Dan Speers, Why I Write, 1986
                   March 11, 1968, marking one million days
                          since the traditional foundation of Rome on
                          April 21, 753 BC, as counted  in A Century
                          Half Full, 1957-2007, by Dan Speers, 2007
Does Anyone Know I'm Here?
     International Competition
      Tom Howard/John Reid Poetry Contest
      Winning Writers
So Very Cold Outside
     Finalist, 1/6
       Margie Volume 5 2006
       The American Journal of Poetry
Harvard Alumni Award, 1958