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Dan Speers

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Too late to pitchfork AIG

     The bonus money’s gone.

     Better pitchfork the White House lawn

     And grow ourselves a money tree.


News Item:


Obama Angry at AIG


WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is castigating insurance giant AIG for giving away $165 million in bonuses to its excutives and other staffers after taking billions in federal bailout money.

Accusing AIG of "recklessnes and greed," Obama asked "How do they justify this outrage to the taxpayers who are keeping the company afloat?"



Giving It to AIG


By Dan Speers


Signs alarming, whispered warnings

Were heard from AIG.

The jokes on us, so’s the bonus

Paid to executhieves.


Took our money, bail-out money

And through the goose it shot.

Contracts they say, they had to pay

And didn’t leave us squat.


Were these fools daft, to tempt the wrath

Of tax-bled plebeians?

Listen you jerks, despite our quirks,

We are not your peons.


Throughout the land in tents are bands

With mortgages foreclosed

With bills to pay, no place to stay

It’s them what’s getting hosed.


Apologists say all of this

Was caused by us, alas,

Greedy buyers. These deniers

Pulled this out of their class.


Polits proffer bills that offer

To tax the money back.

Don’t they get it? First, they wreck it,

Then, they sew up the sack.


Well, Mr. Tim, let’s look again

Before we claim your head.

Sell the assets, fire the asses,

And hire us in their stead.


It’s time that we, ordinary

Folks set the rules, my friend.

It's time to quit. Taking your chit

Will not happen again.