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Dan Speers

Citizen Poet
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Dissension Is So UnAmerican

Intelligence, it seems, can sometimes fail.

Sometimes faulty, sometimes frail,

Easily distorted, often corrupt,

Intelligence, it seems, is anything but.

Take the Vietnamese who showed their hand

In August of ’64, in the Gulf of Tonkin,

Our president said they attacked us twice.

Well, the first attack was provoked by us.

And the second never happened. It was a ruse.

One hundred senators voted on the resolution

Not that patriotism was sorely abused.

Only two demurred. Only two refused.

Dissension is so unAmerican.

A full-scale war ensued. Eight years a lie.

Fifty-eight thousand American soldiers die.

Six hundred thousand from North Viet Nam.

Maybe a million civilians.

Three hundred thousand US casualties.

Eight hundred thousand orphans.

Ten million refugees.

All in the name of Democracy.

So how was it that in this war of good intention

Of communist and atheistic prevention

No one could see our benevolence?

Liberty and peace cannot be won without violence.

Dissension is so unAmerican.

Not to mention unpatriotic and ungodly.

Ungrateful wretches. Accusations of atrocity

Only give solace to our enemy.

Time will forget the massacre.

Five hundred men, women and children.

To save them all they had to die that day in My Lai.

Indisputably, they’re dead and they’re not white.

Obviously VC. Great year, 1968.

Martin’s down. Bobby’s down. But Dick’s the one.

The man with the plan, the secret plan. Vote and wait.

Rally around the flag, boys. Truth lies with Nixon.

Let’s all congregate at the Watergate.

Dissension is so unAmerican.